Designs for your window curtain ideas

Your preferred window curtain ideas will play a big role in choosing your final design. But the size of your window, its proportions and the room decor style will also play a part.

Design options

A large room with a suitably sized window will generally give you more options. If the room is already decorated in a particular style, then the drapes should fit into this environment.

By being sympathetic to the style of your room, you'll end up with window drapes which blend into, and add interest to your decor.

If you're starting with an empty, undecorated room, then your drapery design will be just one aspect of the overall design.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide on the best designs for your particular window.

Your personal window curtain ideas

tied back curtains in a living roomThe elegantly swept back curtains contrast with the vertical lines of the window

Our taste and preferences matter. Especially when it comes to home decor. And particularly with drapery!

You'll often find that others - family members and friends - who have never shown any interest in draperies, suddenly become experts as soon as they find out you're planning to replace your window drapes. Basically, ignore friends (politely, of course!) and take your family's ideas into account.

But the final decision must be yours. Be aware of your own likes and dislikes, but don't shut out alternative ideas.

Watch the animation

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Designs for your window curtain ideas

There is probably more to this than you might imagine. So take a little time to read this section on ideas for drapes and find out all the alternatives.

Cornice designs

Ever thought of using a cornice? They're easy to make, and if suitable for your room can make all the difference between ordinary drapes and something special.

simple curtains on half landingSimple window curtain ideas are often the best solution

Valance designs

Giving a softer look than upholstered cornices, a valance is always worth considering. There are many styles you can use, and they fit most situations.

Swag designs

This is one area where it's always been difficult to convince people that swags are something they can use, and use successfully. Swags have the mystique of being an option only available to expensive designers.

Not so.

They can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Although not suitable for all situations, if your room and aspirations call for it, use swags and cascades. They are a viable option for the home drapery maker.

Keep an open mind...

Keep an open mind when you come to select your drapes. You may very well end up with a simple and practical solution. But go through all the choices available to you before making your final decision.

And whatever that decision is, you'll be able to design, make and hang those drapes based on your window curtain ideas.

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