What valance hardware should you use?

There are three main type of valance hardware.

  1. Off the shelf drapery hardware which has a separate track for a valance.
  2. Use a pole to support the valance, with a separate track for the curtains.
  3. Use a traditional mounting board as you would for a cornice.

Drapery hardware with track for valance support

valance track

Metal valance track

There are many companies supplying hardware for this sort of solution. You can get plastic or metal track.

Plastic is ok for lightweight valances, but for draperies of medium to heavy weight I suggest you use a metal track. They don't bend as much as plastic ones, and don't turn brittle with age.

You can buy a complete set which includes the tracks for both the valance and curtains, or just the valance track by itself.


valance on pole

Black pole supporting a valance

There are two ways to use a pole.

  1. A single pole supports the valance, with a curtain track fixed behind it closer to the wall. The valance is hung from the pole via the rings, just as you would support a normal curtain.
  2. A double pole set. Two poles are set one behind another. The front pole carries the valance and the pole behind carries the curtains. I've never seen the advantage with this method, because the valance on the front conceals the rear pole. So you might as well use a track for the curtains.

I've always been in two minds about using a pole for valance hardware. A pole is attractive in its own right, as is a valance. So why mix the two? To me they look as if they are both fighting for attention.

Mounting board

In my view this is the most secure method, and is exactly the same method used for fitting drape hardware for a cornice box. A board is easier to fit (and get level) than a track. It supports both the curtain track and the valance.

A valance can be easily attached to the front and sides of a board by using Velcro or a similar product. You can also tack them in position, but then they are more difficult to remove for cleaning.

A good exercise is to price up the cost of a valance track or pole and curtain track, and compare it with a board, a couple of brackets and a curtain track. Unless you're paying a hefty price for your board, it should come out cheaper.

Plan your design first

As always with drapery, plan your design first. That way you can make a wise selection for you valance drapery, which will look great and support your draperies.

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