My Site Build It! Review

In 2006 I knew that my employment would end in two or three years. Because of my age I knew it would be difficult to find another job, unless it was something mundane, such as stacking shelves in a supermarket. I decided I needed to find another way to generate income, and I looked to the online world.

It was then I discovered Site Build It!, or Solo Build It! as it's now known.

Why it appealed to me

Because I had worked in the world of business I knew I needed something more than just a ‘website’. SBI! claimed to meet this need, and I signed up. The initial part of the Action Guide (which takes you through all the planning, building and maintaining the website) emphasised the importance of the business side of things, which reassured me.

Long story short, the website was a success. In 2009 the company I worked for closed down, I lost my job and became self employed. Was I worried? No, because by that time I was receiving a regular income from the website, and this together with income I obtained from working privately with my old customers, has enabled me to maintain a good standard of living.

Change of circumstances

I started two other websites when I became self emplyoed, then later on in 2015 I was asked to undertake a large (offline) project which would take up most of my time. I had already sold one of the websites a couple of years earlier. ( Recently the current owner told me it was still generating income for him.) The other two continued to produce revenue even when I had them 'on hold' as it were.

Is SBI! a scam?

Once the project finished I had more time on my hands. I signed up again with SBI and have begun work on another favourite interest of mine. Before I rejoined SBI! I did a quick search on the internet, just out of curiosity. I found a number of reviews which would put most people off buying SBI!, claiming it didn’t work, with some calling it a scam.

It was obvious to me that the authors of these ‘reviews’ can’t have actually used SBI! Their reviews simply didn’t ring true. I have used it - to produce three successful website businesses. To repeat, I’ve just signed up again with them, and I wouldn’t do that if it didn’t work.

Just to make things absolutely clear, I am not paid by SBI or anyone else to write all this. I’m just telling you of my story and experiences. Even if you click on the link and eventually sign up for it, I won’t make any money from it.

If you’re looking for something similar and you see websites promising you easy money, check this:

Do they let you see actual examples of successful websites? Hundreds of them? SBI! Does. Anyone can quote numbers, but there’s often no way to prove they’re accurate.

And if you've been put off by negative reviews, take a look at the evidence Site Build It! offers.

I hope this helps anyone wanting to start their own online business.

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