Hand made headings for goblet curtains

Goblet curtains - one of my favorite ways of heading up drapery or valances. They're one of the easiest headings to make by hand, and you can add all sorts of trims and braids to enhance them if you wish.

The only thing you need to remember is that this type of heading doesn't work well on smaller windows. The goblets need space to display them to their best advantage. Larger windows, especially when the curtains reach to the floor, allow the headings to be displayed to their advantage.

In my opinion the best situations for goblet curtains are:

  • Large windows.
  • Dress curtains (curtains with just enough fullness in them to look good, but don't actually close).
  • Valances, where the heading is permanently on display.

Making your goblet curtains

goblet pleatStitching and filling a goblet pleat

The first part of making your own pleats is the section on making pleated drapes. This page carries on from there.

First you form the base of the pleat. You do this by dividing the pleat into three sections, and spot tack the base just below where the buckram stops.

Next, form the pleat into the shape of a tube. Sew the back of the pleat to the top edge as shown. Now you need to make sure the pleat retains its shape.

1. Cut out a piece of buckram about 6" (15cms) wide and deep enough for your pleat. Fold the buckram into the shape of a cylinder and insert it into the pleats.


2. Insert some off-cuts of interlining or other wadding. I prefer this method because it gets rid of waste and it's just easier!

Whatever you add to make the pleats keep their shape, make sure that the fillings don't gradually expand and appear over the top of the pleats!

If it's possible to see the top of the pleats - they could be fixed to a window on a half landing and viewed from the top landing - then cut a piece of fabric to shape. Put this over the top, and push the edges down the sides. As a precaution you could put in a few stitches to make sure it doesn't move.

Attach your hooks

The final part of competing your goblet curtains is to attach the hooks. There are a number of ways to do this, using either pin hooks which you insert, or sew on hooks. Whichever you use, attach them to at the back of each pleat.

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