Custom drapes for different window styles

Other parts of this site show you the various components of drapery, and how you can make your own drape treatments.

But where do your start? Can you put any drapery style on any window?

On some windows you can, but others lend themselves to certain types of treatment.


Standard window shapes

Most of us have these types of window. They have the following features:

  • They are rectangular, with one or more flat panes of glass.
  • The frame might be simple or complex.
  • There's room either side and above the frame.
  • The window reaches to the floor, or is set up some distance.

These are the easiest type of window to treat. Here are some ideas to help you plan your own designs.

Bay windows

large windows with poles

These large windows use dark poles and dress (false) curtains. The effect is to frame the windows and soften the sides, but still leave the view to the outside clear.

Designing custom drapes for bay windows is not difficult. The hardest part is selecting and fitting the hardware, and installing any top treatments.

There are usually a few options open to you. Take a look at this page for more information.

Arch window

These are not nearly as difficult to treat as many people imagine. One method which can be used with most of them is to completely ignore the arch. Other ways incorporate the arch into the design.

Here are some illustrations to show some of the different methods you can use for your arch window draperies.

Patio drapes

Patio doors and windows bring a whole set of practical implications. Once you've sorted out what's possible and what isn't, it's usually quite clear what your options are.

Keep to practical solutions and your patio drapes will enhance your window while allowing free access to the outside of your home.

Country windows

This topic covers many types of window. But they all have one thing in common - you want to avoid overdressing them and making them look too grand. Here are a few ideas.

Dormer windows

These can be problematic, but there are a few simple solutions which are both practical and easy to make.

Bed drapes

large bed canopy

This large bed canopy may be too elaborate for the average home. But the principles involved in making it are the same as for a much smaller treatment.

These custom drapes aren't often attempted by people making their own drapery.

But why not? It's no different from making drapes for ordinary windows. The making up techniques are just the same. A four poster bed with bed drapes is a great individual way of setting your bedroom off from the crowd!

Canopy bed drapes

You'll have seen this type of treatment in hotels. Unfortunately they're often poorly implemented, with skimpy drapes and badly thought out proportions.

But when they're done properly, they're most attractive, and add a definite touch of luxury to a bedroom.

Thought and planning

Deciding on the most suitable custom drapes for your window only need some thought and planning.

Look at the practical limitation and opportunities, and plan from there.

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