Curtain ties - tie back patterns

Great looking drapes need great curtain ties, and we have some patterns which have been professionally designed to give you the finishing touch you need.

What makes great curtain ties?

Here are the necessary ingredients for great curtain ties.

  • Size. The embrace of the tie-back should hold the drape back without being too tight.
  • Construction. The tie-back should look attractive and hold its shape so it can do the job of containing the drape.
  • Shape. It should have a pleasing shape, with the proportions sensitive to the width, height and construction of the drape.


To get the correct size for curtain ties use a tape measure - preferably a soft tape measure - and hold it around the drape so it pulls the drape into the required position. Then read off the measurement of the 'embrace' - the total distance around the drape from the hook position.


See the page on how to make a tie-back for details.


Getting the shape right takes time and skill. The sweep of the shape, the depth and curves involved all go to make up the overall look.

gold tie backAn attractive well-shaped curtain tie can add style to your drapery

A Professional Look

The patterns for curtain ties we supply have been professionally designed to give great results. So how can you get them?

They come in a pdf file. Each design takes between one and three pages. Simply print off the pattern you need, assemble the pages together and cut out the pattern. Then transfer the shape to the buckram, and make your tie-backs.

The full version contains 5 styles of drapery tie back patterns, with 8 sizes for each style. All the patterns can be printed on US Letter or A4 paper.

Try the Demo Version

The demo version contains all the instructions, but just two patterns, one for printing on US Letter paper, and one for A4 paper. It also has details of the different styles. Download it and see how easy it is to use these patterns for yourself. This will also check that the product works correctly with your printer.

Buy the Full Version

Once you've tried out the demo version, you can buy the full version for just $9 by clicking on the button below.


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