Professional cornice patterns

Well designed cornice patterns are features which signify professional drapery.

What makes a good cornice design?

  • Good proportions
  • Pleasing shape

Shorter drapes don't need a cornice as deep as longer drapes. The lines and curves which go to make a design should provide a shape which is pleasing to the eye. Only by combining these features can a cornice enhance your window drapes.

An art, not a science.

Although there are general rules, designing a great looking cornice is an art. Experience plays a big part. It's one thing to draw a shape on paper, but how will it look when made up and secured over your window?

Professional designs

We've produced a series of professional designs for you to use. These have all been used for clients over many years, so we know they work.

But how to distribute designs 4 feet wide (half of the full width) and up to a couple of feet deep? (122cms by 60cms)

We've done it by using sophisticated software to produce the designs on standard paper, either US Letter or A4. The designs take between two and fourteen pages, and are easy to assemble.

The advantage is that you get the exact shape as we would draw it for one of our clients.

You can try out a demo version by downloading this pdf file. It contains just two of the twenty eight designs available in the full version. You can then make sure it works correctly with your printer.

The full version is available for just $5.99.


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