About John Collier

I'm John Collier, and I've created this website based on my experience working in a home furnishing company for over thirty years. While there are many things we can learn from books and courses, experience adds something extra. I'll be sharing the results of my experience to help you create your own drape and curtain schemes.

Although my job involves advising clients on all aspects of home furnishing, one area where people need the most help is with their window treatments.

Whether advising clients in the showroom or visiting them in their homes, finding out their preferences is an important part of any designer's job. From small flats or apartments to millionaires' mansions, I've helped clients furnish many different shapes and sizes of windows.

The four stages of creating drapes and curtains

There are four stages to designing and making your own schemes.

  1. Decide on fabric, style of curtains, fittings to be use.
  2. Install the fittings and take final measurements.
  3. Make the curtains.
  4. Hang the curtains.

The information in this website will help you achieve all four stages. You'll learn how to focus on suitable styles for your window. Then all the fitting options are described. You'll learn various techniques in making curtains and drapes, and finally how to hang them - and there's more to this final stage than you might realise!

Follow professional practices

These stages follow the practices of professional home decorating companies. By following a sequence of events worked out over many years you can take advantage of the techniques used and avoid preventable mistakes.

Many companies have their own workroom where trained staff make the curtains and drapes. Others sub-contract their work. If you have even basic skills in sewing, or know someone who does, there's nothing to stop you from making your own window treatments to a professional standard.

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