Make perfect drapes and curtains for your windows!

Would you like to have great window treatment drapes - and save money at the same time?

Anyone can make and hang professional looking draperies!

This means situations where fabric is made up with lining - and usually interlining - and hung (draped) from tracks, rods or poles to make an attractive finish, with or without a top treatment.

Want to know more? Here you can learn all about the basics.

But the great thing about well made drapes and curtains is they can look stunning even if the design is simple!

I'll explain how you can have great looking schemes for any situation. And the techniques you'll learn will enable you to make any sort of drapery you want.

If you've never made any draperies before, I'll explain how to get everything ready.


Color. Texture. Accessories. Add quality lining and interlining, skilled making up, and you'll have first class results.

There's no end to the designs you can use. and although this can often feel daunting, I'll show you how to decide on the best ones for your situation.

Certain designs suit some windows more than others, and we'll cover which ideas you can use in your specific situation.

Even if you don't intend to make your own draperies, you can get some great ideas and then get someone else to make them up for you.


I'll show you the essential sewing methods you'll need - and you'll be surprised how few there are! You'll also need the use of a sewing machine for some of the work. We'll also go into the different ways of heading up your drapes.

But there's nothing difficult about making your own window treatments.

The methods and techniques you'll learn have all been used in a professional workroom for many decades. They are proven to work time and time again.

Every wondered about using a cornice board (also known as pelmets)? They're easy to make and fit, as are valances.

What about swag curtains i.e. swags and cascades (tails)? Surely those can't be make at home? Yes, they can.

You can also add trimmings to your designs to enhance colour and texture.

curtains with valanceCurtains with valance trimmed with contrasting edge.

Create drapes you'll be proud of!

There are many 'quick' and 'no-sew' ways of making draperies. They have their place, and the results are perfectly acceptable.

But in the rush for instant solutions and cheap products, traditional drapery making skills are in danger of being lost. And they still produce the best results.

This site is about putting these skills into practice and making great drapes. All you need to succeed is patience, time and a willingness to learn.

Hanging your curtains and drapes

This part is often overlooked. When you plan your design right, and use the correct fittings, it's easy to get your scheme looking perfect.

But there are still a few tricks which professionals use to make their treatments stand out from the rest. I'll show you how.

Never fitted hardware before?

Got that covered, too. I'll show you the best - and the simplest - way to fit your hardware for professional results. Whether you're fitting a track, a rod or pole, or fittings for a top treatment, all of it can be done by anyone handy with a drill and screwdriver.

Will you save money?

You bet! How much depends on your scheme.

If you have a complex design, you could save anything from a half to two thirds of the total cost of having the work done by a professional company. Your cost is now the fabric, lining, tapes etc, and hardware. Your savings come from using your time instead of their's.

I'll show you all the techniques and the skills you need to succeed.

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